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Kickstart to Career

Below text added for ADA technologies: Little Bucks are encouraged to keep saving for their future career this summer! Buchanan Community Schools 2020-2021 1st and 2nd graders who deposit $5.00 or more into their Kickstart to Career Account* at Chemical Bank in Buchanan during the month of July  will be entered into a raffle drawing to receive a $50 deposit into their account! Bank Location: 128 Main St. Buchanan. Masks are required to complete a deposit in the bank lobby, drive-through banking is available. *Students MUST have their account number (found on their bank book received in Kindergarten) present to make a deposit. Email if you need your account […]

Listen and Learn Video 01

This video shows how to instruct your child to “Look at the first letter” and “Look at the picture”.  Two strategies used by beginning readers.   Did you find this video helpful? Please take a moment to complete this short survey: