Food Services Program Information

Food Service Program
Suzette Hendershott, Food Service Director

Applications for Free and Reduced Priced School Meals.

The preferred method to apply for free/reduced price school meals is to complete an application online using the Food Service Web Portal.  Online applications will be available starting August 27.  Log in at  A username and password are needed in order to use the Food Service Web Portal.  If you need a user name and password for your family, call Suzette at 695-8415, or email her.   Paper applications will be given to elementary students on the first day of school and will be included in Middle School student packets.  Paper applications will also be available at open houses, school offices, the food service office, and school kitchens.  Only one application needs to be completed per household.  Households that qualify for subsidized meals through Direct Certification do not need to complete an application. Students who qualified for free or reduced price meals in 2017-2018 may maintain that status until October 12, 2018.  A new application must be on file by October 15, 2018, for benefits to continue.


School Lunch and Milk Program
All Buchanan Schools will begin lunch and milk service on Tuesday, September 4.

Lunch prices are:

Kindergarten – Fifth – $2.20 full-priced student lunch; .40 reduced-priced

Middle School and High School – $2.45 full-priced student lunch; .40 reduced

High School Meal Deal w/Fries-   $2.75 full-priced student lunch; .40 reduced

Milk – .50 if purchased without a meal (also applies to students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals, but only want milk)

Adult Lunch – $3.00 at Moccasin & Ottawa; $3.15 at BMS; $3.45 at BHS

The menued school lunch includes milk.  A variety of fruits and vegetables will be available on all menu lines for customers to add to their plate (at no extra charge) before they check-out at the register.


School Breakfast Program
All Buchanan Schools offer a before school breakfast program.  Breakfast service will begin on Tuesday, September 4.

Breakfast prices are:

Moccasin & Ottawa-$1 full-priced student breakfast; .30 reduced-priced

Elementary breakfast service begins at 8:15 a.m.

Middle School and High School-$1.10 full-priced student breakfast; .30 reduced

High School and Middle School Breakfast service begins at 6:50 a.m.

Adult Breakfast-$1.75

The menued school breakfast includes milk, 100% juice and fruit.  A variety of cereals are available as another entrée choice.



It is the responsibility of the parents to provide lunch for their children while at school.  However, it is important that children receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day.  This procedure shall apply in the event that a child neither has a lunch nor the funds to purchase a lunch.

An elementary student (Grades kindergarten – fourth) may charge up to $10 and receive 3 alternative lunches.  An alternative lunch consists of a peanut butter (or soy butter) jamwich, fruit, and milk.  Prior to meal service the student’s teacher will be given a note to let the student know they will be receiving an alternative lunch that day and to allow them to attempt to contact their parent one (1) more time.  This will eliminate any surprises on the child’s part and provide the parent with one (1) more opportunity to pay the student’s charge balance.

A middle school student (Grades 5 – 7) may charge up to $5 and receive 3 alternative lunches.  Prior to meal service the student’s teacher will be given a note to let the student know they will be receiving an alternative lunch that day and to allow them to attempt to contact their parent one (1) more time.

A high school student (Grades 8 – 12) may charge only one (1) lunch at any time until their charges are paid.

There will be no charges allowed for adults or for food and beverages purchased ala carte.

At least once a week, parents of elementary students with delinquent meal accounts will receive a letter from the Food Service Department regarding the amount of money owed.  Parents may also view the activity in their child’s meal account via the Internet through the District’s Food Service web portal.  The web portal may also be used to make payments for school meals.  There are no Internet service fees.

*Note:  No charging will be allowed during the last two full weeks of the school year in order to allow time for all meal accounts to be brought into good standing before the end of the year. 

At the discretion of the Food Service Department, a private service fund may be established to pay for a student’s charged meals, rather than to offer the alternative lunch.  The Food Service Director will work with the family to determine a payment schedule for these meals.



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