Friday the 13th we will be spraying for ants at the high school at 3:00 in the afternoon

Ant Spraying at BMS

We will be spraying for ants at Buchanan Middle School on Monday May 9th at 3:00 PM.

Spraying for ants

We will be spraying for ants at the middle school on friday after school gets out.


Will be spraying fertilizer on all athletic fields Wednesday the 6th in the AM

Spraying for Ants

Monday April 4th we will be spraying for sugar ants at Moccasin Elementary school.

spraying for ants

Monday the 16th we will have Bob the bug guy spraying at the high school for ants

RFP – Buchanan High School Interior Painting

Buchanan Community Schools is accepting bids to repaint the interior of the High School building.  This job includes walls, ceilings and partitions where necessary.  Paint will be gloss epoxy with bonding agent for block walls in bathrooms and other areas with block walls.  Paint will consist of 2 colors, rice paper and maroon.  Job includes […]