7-10-2019 Board of Education Meeting Minutes

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JULY 10, 2019                   BOARD WORK SESSION/RETREAT             BUCHANAN HIGH SCHOOL


CALL TO ORDER PRESIDENT: Dr. Harvey Burnett opened the meeting at 5:20 pm


ROLL CALL PRESENT: C. Lee, K. Laesch, R. Writer, J. DeVlaminck, S. Tobler, H. Burnett, and D. Wentworth


  OTHERS PRESENT : Timothy Donahue


MOTION by K. Laesch, SECONDED BY Member R. Writer Board Work /Retreat be adopted as written.

ROLL CALL VOTE:  C. Lee,  K. Laesch, R. Writer, J. DeVlaminck, S. Tobler, D. Wentworth, and H. Burnett NAYS:  None     MOTION  ADOPTED








STRATEGIC PLANNING/RE-DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Mr. Donahue reviewed the current status of the district’s strategic plan and the need to initiate a process to develop a new one. Mr. Donahue shared an advisory document from HYA that outlined the major components of a strategic plan and the steps to develop one. He updated the Board on services to assist the district in facilitating a new plan, one service being that provided by MASB. Board members then brainstormed a list of district focus areas for possible incorporation into a new strategic plan.

1.       Student achievement in all curricular areas with SMART goals with specific local data

2.       Use of technology for teaching and learning practices

3.       Social/emotional learning needs of students

4.       Parent involvement programs so they can assist with their child’s education

5.       Facilities development and processes for maintenance and upkeep

6.       Dress code issues/uniforms

7.       Better signage for campus properties

8.       Sustaining and developing a kid-focused, positive culture

9.       Chain of command protocols for addressing issues

10.   PR systems and outlets for sharing district news and achievements

11.   Streamlined and monitored social media presence for the district and each building

12.   Client service improvements

13.   Focus on a college ready culture so students are prepared for post-secondary education and/or careers


CLIMATE/CULTURE SURVEY Board members discussed the current progress toward developing a district survey on climate and culture. Ideally, it should be an annual district function, tied into our strategic planning development and implementation/monitoring.

Dr. Burnett will contact Andrews University to see about a third party administrator for the survey.




Board members reviewed the notes from the subcommittee meetings that happened over Memorial Day weekend.




COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE Given several issues that have arisen through recent meetings, Board members determined that the Communications Committee should meet. The three committee members decided to meet on Monday, July 22nd, 2019 @ The Board conference room.



FACILITIES STUDY/PLANNING COMMITTEE First meeting Thursday, July 18 @ 5:30pm at The Board conference room.

Members: C. Lee, K. Laesch and J. DeVlaminck

The committee will meet with representatives of TMP Architecture to discuss our current facilities issues and options for addressing them.




SUPERINTENDENT EVALUATION FOR 2019-2020 The Board will be completing the Superintendent’s evaluation in August of 2019. We need to check with MASA to see if members evaluate certain criteria from last year to this year or just certain sections. Mr. Donahue will make a call to MASA to check on how to select evaluation criteria in the School Advance rubric.





Board members continued dialogue about goal areas for the superintendent as we finish the evaluation for 18-19 and move into the 2019-2020 school year.
PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE Superintendent Donahue shared with the Board the list of parents who have volunteered to be part of the Parent Advisory Committee. He informed the board that he will make contact with 10 to 12 parents who represent all buildings to set up an initial meeting before school begins. Board members discussed that it would be beneficial to ensure that the group is also diverse to represent our diverse student body/community households. R. Writer advised there should be some diversity on the committee and will reach out to community members to see if there are any additional parents that would like to attend.


NEXT BOARD MEETING Monday, July 15th, 6 pm @ Buchanan High School


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