District Credit Cards

Buchanan Community Schools Credit Cards Type Issued to: Credit Limit Mastercard Accounts Payable $30,000 Mastercard B. Pruett $3,000 Mastercard G. Brown $3,000 Mastercard High School $10,000 Mastercard K. Falkenstein $1,000 Mastercard Maintenance Dept $10,000 Mastercard M. Kurland $8,000 Mastercard M. Frey $20,000 Mastercard School Farm $10,000 Mastercard Middle School $10,000 Mastercard Moccasin Elementary $4,000 Mastercard […]

Employee Compensation Information

Total compensation for all employees based on W-2 Medicare taxable wages greater than $100,000 for year ending December 2022. POSITION WAGES ANNUITY RETIREMENT FICA & MEDICARE INSURANCE Superintendent $133,144 $5,675 $36,894 $10,186 $1,198 Assistant Superintendent $107,041 $3,000 $28,668 $8,189 $576

RFP – Buchanan High School Marquee Sign 

Buchanan Community Schools is currently accepting proposals to provide and install a new Marquee Sign at our Buchanan High School campus. Details of the RFP are in the PDF below.

BVA & BSU State Testing Updated Schedule

Good afternoon, The state of Michigan has informed Buchanan Virtual Academy that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not support requiring virtual students to be brought into school solely for the purpose of state assessment. Therefore, we will offer our virtual students the opportunity to come into school to take the appropriate state summative assessments. However, […]