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March 4-8 Lunch Menu

Monday: Popcorn Chicken or Yogurt Lunch Pak Tuesday: Hamburger on Bun or Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Goldy’s Lunch Pak Wednesday: Beef & Cheese Nachos or Hot Dog on Bun or Jammer Lunch Pak Thursday: Salisbury Steak or Br. Chicken Rings or Egg & Cheese Lunch Pak Friday: Chicken Fires or Macaroni & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese Lunch Pak


Moccasin’s Coordinated Health and Wellness Committee received the 2016-2017 Building Health Communities Grant. Ask a Moccasin student about the exciting changes with this grant… Fruit Infused Water Go Noodle Plus Active Recess Cart Daily Wellness Announcements from Students Look for more information on other wellness activities coming soon.

Great Things are Happening in Buchanan

Great things are happening in Buchanan! Our Senior Class has been applying for scholarships through the Gateway Foundation. Sixty of our seniors have already applied and have been accepted for the Buchanan Promise Scholarship! Thank you Mr. Schirmer! Our Board of Education approved the Capital Committee’s recommendation to repair, upgrade or replace the following during the 2017 – 2018 school year:  high school parking lots, windows, facia, fire panel, security system, garage doors with keyless entries;  Moccasin HVAC controls, security system upgrades; Ottawa HVAC controls. Thank you to our community members for supporting our sinking fund and for helping us make improvements to our schools. On another note, we are […]

Buchanan Promise Press Release

Press Release August 10, 2016 For Immediate Release Contact: Robert N. Habicht Phone:  269-695-3521 Email: Web: Michigan Gateway Community Foundation Reveals Buchanan Promise Scholarship Program   BUCHANAN – Michigan Gateway Community Foundation is pleased to announce a new innovative education program for Buchanan, called the Buchanan Promise.  The Promise is a place based scholarship program tied to residency within a defined geographic area. Unlike typical scholarships that include merit based, need, or achievement criteria for eligibility, the Buchanan Promise sole eligibility measurement is residence within the Buchanan Community School District. Scholarship amounts are determined by the length of that residency. Beginning with the Class of 2017, every Buchanan […]

Vote August 2nd Non-Homestead Millage Renewal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ______________________________________________________________________________ DATE: July 1, 2016   FROM: Dr. Andrea van der Laan Superintendent of Schools Buchanan Community Schools 269-695-8401 RE:      August 2nd election information _____________________________________________________________  Non-Homestead Millage Renewal What is the issue?On August 2, 2016, voters in the Buchanan Community School District will be asked to renew the current 18.5 mill Non-Homestead millage. This proposal will allow the district to levy the statutory rate of 18 mills on non-homestead properties within the district. Approval or disapproval will NOT result in a change to the taxes you pay on primary residences. By law, the non-homestead millage is only levied against commercial property, rental property, second homes, and […]

Preschool/Kindergarten Roundup 2016

FREE* PRESCHOOL-KINDERGARTEN (* for qualifying families) ROUNDUP Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Ottawa Elementary School 109 Ottawa Street (turn right off Front Street driving west from downtown Buchanan) Preschool registration use the north parking lot doors Kindergarten registration use the main entrance doors Come anytime between 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. (Paperwork takes about 20-25 minutes to complete) Please bring the following items with you to Round-Up: ⇒*Proof of income for parents of preschoolers only (2015 tax return, 2015 W-2, or 2 months of current pay stubs) ⇒Child’s legal birth certificate (not the hospital one) ⇒Child’s immunization record ⇒Proof of Buchanan residency (driver’s license) • All students who will be 5 years […]