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Expense Reimbursement Policy #6550

Book:Policy Manual   Section:6000 Finances   Title:TRAVEL PAYMENT & REIMBURSEMENT   Code:po6550   Status:Active   Legal:2 C.F.R. 200.474   Adopted:May 20, 2013   Last Revised:May 3, 2016   6550 – TRAVEL PAYMENT & REIMBURSEMENT   Travel expenses incurred for official business travel on behalf of the Board of Education shall be limited to those expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred by the employee in the performance of a public purpose authorized, in advance, in accordance with administrative guidelines.   Payment and reimbursement rates for per diem meals, lodging, and mileage shall be approved by the Board annually. The Board shall establish mileage rates not exceeding the Federal IRS prescribed mileage rate. Employees […]