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Buchanan High School offers a One-to-One (1:1) computer device environment to all students 8th through 12th grade. 8th grade student will be given a used Chromebook to use during the day and will not be allowed to take the device off campus. 9th – 11th grade students are assigned Chromebooks to use during the day and with their guardian’s permission may be allowed to take it off campus. 9th – 11th grade students may participate in the Device Protection Program which is outlined in greater detail below. The following information is provided for your reference. Buchanan Community Schools does not endorse any of these products.

8th Grade Device Information

9th – 11th Grade Device Information

12th Grade Device Information


8th Grade Students

Chromebook Insurance OptionsLink Icon Select Chromebook from the device type for policy costs. Coverage is listed on the right.


8th and 9th Grade Device Covers/Protection
The following information from is provided as a guide and in no way should it be considered an endorsement or recommendation. Please read all the reviews and product details to be sure anything you purchase for your device will fit and work for the intended purpose.

Chromebook Case Options


9th – 11th Grade : Device Protection Program (DPP)

For complete details on the Device Protection Program, please visit the Program’s Page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Please note that this section is updated regularly as this program develops and evolves. If you have a question that is not covered here, please submit it to the Director of Technology submission form.

Device Protection Program

Are the student devices tracked or monitored?

Yes. and Yes. All devices are inventoried in both our Google Admin Console and our filtering system.

Can I pay all the yearly fee’s all at once to purchase the device outright?

Yes, however your device must remain under the management of Buchanan Community Schools in order to use it at school. Management would then be removed (deprovisioned) at graduation or when the device will no longer be used at school. NOTE: Once management is removed, it cannot be automatically put back on.  Additional charges may apply, or it may simply be impossible. See Google policy information for more details.

Can I purchase into the DPP after damage or loss is discovered?

Yes, however payment is applied to the term in which the damage or loss occurs.

Example: A student has an accidental claim on a device in June 2018, just before school is out for the summer. Rather than pay the repair charges, the student elects to join the DPP. Because the damage occurred in the 2017-2018 term, the payment will be applied accordingly. In order for the student to be covered for the 2018-2019 term beginning in September, a new payment would have to be made and new agreement signed.

How do I know for sure my device is no longer managed?

All devices belonging to the school are provisioned through the Google Admin Console. On each device you will clearly see “This device is managed by Buchanan Community Schools.” Even if the device is wiped clean, reset to factory or completely re-imaged, this information will appear. Once the device is deprovisioned, it goes away. For more information, read the Google help page:

How do I replace my device if I’m not enrolled in the protection program?

If you’re not enrolled in the Device Protection Program, there are still options for replacing your device if it was lost or stolen. You will need to contact the school the device was issued from. Terms and conditions apply.

How much does the Device Protection Program Cost?

For the class of 2021, the annual cost is $85.00.
For the class of 2022, the annual cost is $88.50.
For the class of 2023, the annual cost is TBA.

I am receiving a device as Class of 2020, how does this program affect me?

The Class of 2020 first received their devices in their Junior year. They are eligible for the same protections of the program for the same annual payment of $88.50. If the student wishes to purchase the device after graduation, the balance (or two remaining payments) must be paid. Students may also purchase the unit in full at any time while still a student.

I changed my mind, can I get my money back?

Yes, but only within the 14 calendar day processing period beginning the day the school receives payment AND there has been no claim on the device in that time OR any damage to the device in that time. After processing period, refunds will not be issued.

If I don’t buy into the program, how much does it then cost to get repaired?

You will be responsible for the established rate for the specific repair. This can range from $50 to the total cost of replacement.

If I don’t buy into the program, who is responsible to get the device repaired?

The School is the only party allowed to effect repairs on a school owned device. If you are not part of the Device Protection Program, you will be responsible for the established rate for the specific repair. This can range from $50 to the total cost of replacement.

Is the charger and cable covered?

No. The charger block and cable are not covered, however we strongly encourage you to let the school know if the charger has failed. It may be repairable in-house. If you need to purchase a replacement or spare charger, one can be ordered from the link below:

9th Grade Lenovo Yoga N23 Models:

What if my device is lost?

A device is considered lost only AFTER the IT Department has determined it has not checked in within 30 days of last contact AND all reasonable attempts to locate it by the school, STUDENT and GUARDIAN have been exhausted. A final determination will be made by the building Principal and Director of Technology. A lost device will be replaced at no cost to STUDENT/GUARDIAN with an equal or better device but may not be the same brand, manufacturer, model, etc. Only ONE (1) replacement for a lost device will be covered per student per four (4) ANNUAL TERMS. Additional replacements must be paid at the then established rate depending on availability. Should a device make contact after the 30 days OR after a new device has been assigned, the device is no longer lost and will be treated as a Stolen Device. If the device is found by or returned to the STUDENT/GUARDIAN and remains in working order, any newly assigned device will be returned to the school so that the original device may be used once again by the original STUDENT.

What if my device is stolen?

For a device to be determined stolen, STUDENT/GUARDIAN must file a police report stating the school as the rightful owner of the device and STUDENT/GUARDIAN as the responsible party. The completed police report must be presented to the school from which the device was issued. A final determination will be made by the building Principal and Director of Technology. A device determined stolen will be replaced at no cost to STUDENT/GUARDIAN with an equal or better device but may not be the same brand, manufacturer, model, etc. Only ONE (1) replacement for a stolen device will be covered per student per ANNUAL TERM. Additional replacements must be paid at the then established rate depending on availability.

What is considered damage?

For the purposes of this program, damage is better thought as “functional damage” where the physical damage to the unit severely inhibits the functionality or usability of the device. Example: broken/cracked screen, bent/missing pin or connector, smashed port, missing buttons, etc..

What is covered under the DPP?

Accidental damage, loss and theft. For complete details, please visit the program’s page here:

What is the Device Protection Program (DPP)?

The Device Protection Program provides students with a low cost means to repair or replace their school owned student issued device from accidental damage, loss or theft while also extending their access and availability to technology and the Internet. Participation in the program in voluntary. Opting out will not prevent a student from being issued a device. Participation in the program also entitles you to ownership of the device when the program concludes.

What type of device will I receive as a replacement?

If the replacement is done as part of your coverage, you will always receive a device of equal or better quality but it may not be the same brand, manufacturer, model, etc.  If the replacement is considered additional, you will have a choice based on availability (ie: new, used, etc.).

Where can I purchase a replacement/spare charger?

For 9th Grade Lenovo Yoga N23 Models:

Other chargers are available from sites such as Be sure what you order is compatible with the model assigned to you.

Who is eligible for this protection?

At this time, only 9th graders at Buchanan High School are eligible.

Who owns the device?

Unless you pay the entire amount upfront (all four years) the school will maintain ownership of the device until all four annual payments have been made and the last school year concludes.

Why are there different devices for different grade levels?

In 2011, Buchanan High School received a grant to start our 1:1 student device initiative. Through that grant, we were able to purchase one device for every student in each grade at the High School (8-12). As these devices age, a plan was developed to replaced them as the budget would allow. This meant one grade level each year. For the last three years, we’ve been working on this plan beginning first with the 8th grade and now the 9th grade. Moving forward, the plan is to again provide next year’s 9th grade with devices as the current 9th grade take their devices onto 10th and so on.


12th Grade Students

Students will be assigned an iPad. Because of the age of the iPads, students will be charged a flat rate of $50 in the event of accidental damage, loss or theft. The device will then be replaced or repaired. We have found that this option is cheaper for our families than it is to carry insurance on our iPads. Parents are still required to give permission for students to take the iPad home and students are still required to accept the terms of the device usage as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Students should return the AUP to their teachers as soon as possible on order to receive their assigned device.

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