2021 Rake a Difference!

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

Calling All Volunteers!

Last year, Mrs. Hughes led a team for the United Way’s Rake a Difference.  We are thrilled to report that we are going to have a team again this year.  Rake a Difference is a volunteer opportunity for students, families, or staff members to come together to rake yards of those that are not capable of doing so themselves.  This year the event will take place on Thursday, November 11th.  If you or your child would like to participate, the link to join our team is http://volunteer.uwsm.org/need/joinTeam/?hash_t=K55UQoV59SABfZeZePbGvjm3fGYnb7THpTjY7W2N2ODu6BUfQgML0cTUsHbijWr6O8ILijtSuAfP2InxVW%2F7Vg%3D%3D&hash_s=RZiQNGUeanPY2nATPE6a7w7r1AiinIy9DUFuUXGKXpOJsif0tgpXfIQ9WiWIO5k6iTPyrWcUjwYVmOHcxl235Q%3D%3D

It will ask you to create an account and then will guide you through some directions to join our team. If you have any questions, feel free to email Mrs. Hughes at nhughes@buchananschools.com.Student RAD Flyers

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