Month: February 2019

02-18-2019 Board Meeting Minutes

BUCHANAN COMMUNITY SCHOOLS, BERRIEN COUNTY, MICHIGAN FEBRUARY 18, 2019                       REGULAR MEETING        BUCHANAN MIDDLE SCHOOL CALL TO ORDER   PRESIDENT: Dr. Harvey Burnett opened the meeting at 6:00 pm   ROLL CALL PRESENT: C. Lee, K. Laesch, R. Writer, J. DeVlaminck, S. Tobler, D. Wentworth, and     H. Burnett ABSENT:   None     OTHERS PRESENT : Timothy Donahue, Tricia Lowery, and Daryl Miller   ADOPTION OF AGENDA   MOTION by S. Tobler, SECONDED BY Member D. Wentworth the agenda for the regular meeting of February 18, 2019 be adopted as written. ROLL CALL VOTE:  C. Lee, K. Laesch, R. Writer, J. DeVlaminck, S. Tobler, D. Wentworth, and H. Burnett NAYS:  None  […]

March 4-8 Lunch Menu

Monday: Popcorn Chicken or Yogurt Lunch Pak Tuesday: Hamburger on Bun or Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Goldy’s Lunch Pak Wednesday: Beef & Cheese Nachos or Hot Dog on Bun or Jammer Lunch Pak Thursday: Salisbury Steak or Br. Chicken Rings or Egg & Cheese Lunch Pak Friday: Chicken Fires or Macaroni & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese Lunch Pak

Seeking Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Buchanan High School would like to wish Renee Cornwell all the best as she embarks on new adventures while also searching for her replacement!  We are seeking someone with great positivity and enthusiasm who wishes to be a part of the famous Herd!  If you are interested in learning more about the position, please check out the employment link at the bottom of the district page and read about the description.  Applications can be submitted online. #GoBucks