Month: February 2018

2-19-2018 Board Minutes

BUCHANAN COMMUNITY SCHOOLS, BERRIEN COUNTY, MICHIGAN                                                                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 19, 2018                         REGULAR MEETING                        OTTAWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL   CALL TO ORDER President, Dr. Harvey Burnett opened the meeting at 6:00 pm   ROLL CALL PRESENT: K. Laesch, R. Writer, J. DeVlaminck, C. Lee,  D. Wentworth & H. Burnett     ABSENT: S. Tobler     OTHERS PRESENT : Timothy J. Donahue & Tricia Lowery   ADOPTION OF AGENDA   MOTION BY Member J. DeVlaminck, SECONDED BY Member D. Wentworth the agenda for the regular meeting of February 19, 2018 be adopted as written.  ROLL CALL VOTE:  K. Laesch, R. Writer, J. DeVlaminck, C. Lee,  D. Wentworth & H. Burnett NAYS:  None  […]

BHS January Update

This month at Buchanan High School… we celebrated Buchanan students!  Mother Nature was so kind to let the snow fall on all the days we didn’t have school, just so we could come together and celebrate each other. We kicked off our back to school week with a presentation from the 525 foundation sponsored by our SADD group.  Rebecca Savage was our guest speaker who talked to our students about the dangers of alcohol and opioid use.  Sadly, she brought to us a very personal message about her two teenagers who died the same night due to the deadly combination.  It was an impactful story and one that students appreciated […]