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What is the real cost of road funding?  For the children in your local school district, the cost is steep. Over the past several weeks, Michigan’s elected leaders have been discussing the merits of various proposals to fund road improvements.   Included in those conversations are two bills; House Bills 4539 and 5477, both of which aim to change Michigan’s current gasoline taxing structure in an effort to raise money to make those repairs. 

Of the revenue generated from the current gas tax structure, Berrien County’s schools receive $11,544,015annually.  As proposed, the legislation would phase out the schools’ portion of the revenue and counterbalance the lost funding with “potential revenue”.  This potential revenue would be generated from a new gasoline sales tax formula that is phased in over the next nine years, assuming Michigan’s economy continues to recover and stays stable.

What would this phase out cost your community’s school district?

Berrien RESA


Benton Harbor Area Schools


Berrien Springs Public Schools


Brandywine Community Schools


Bridgman Public Schools


Buchanan Community Schools


Coloma Community Schools


Eau Claire Public Schools


Hagar Township School District #6


Lakeshore Public Schools


New Buffalo Area Schools


Niles Community Schools


River Valley School District


Sodus Township School District #5


St. Joseph Public Schools


Watervliet Public Schools


Benton Harbor Charter School


Countryside Academy


Dream Academy


Mildred C. Wells Academy





*Based on $475 per pupil cut annually.  Average based upon an article in the Lansing State Journal dated December 10, 2014.

We can all agree that road funding is important, but at what cost?  Your local school district cannot risk losing any revenue, let alone “hope” that those dollars will be replaced.  Perhaps we should encourage the Legislature to explore other revenue generating ideas rather than shifting funding away from our students to solve the problem?  Our children deserve more from their elected leaders.  Quite frankly, we all do.  

Share your concerns regarding road funding with Berrien County’s elected leaders:
Representative Al Pscholka:  (517) 373-1403
Representative Dave Pagel*:  (517) 373-1796
Senator John Proos;  (517) 373-6960




Dr. Kevin M. Ivers, Berrien RESA
Dr. Leonard Seawood, Benton Harbor Area Schools
James Bermingham, Berrien Springs Public Schools
Dr. John Jarpe, Brandywine Community Schools
Shane Peters, Bridgman Public Schools
Dr. Andrea van der Laan, Buchanan Community Schools
Peter Bush, Coloma Community Schools
Kevin Walters, Eau Claire Public Schools
Phillip Freeman, Lakeshore Public Schools
Mark Westerberg, New Buffalo Area Schools
Dr. Michael Lindley, Niles Community Schools
Andy Velez, River School-Sodus Township #5
William Kearney, River Valley School District
Ann Cardon, St. Joseph Public Schools
Kevin Schooley, Watervliet Public Schools
Lyn Sperry, Countryside Academy


 *On Thursday, December 4, Rep. Dave Pagel voted no on House Bill 4539.  He along with two other Republicans and all the elected House Democrats stood in opposition of the legislation.

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