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State Changes to MEAP/MME Scoring Guidelines


Buchanan Public Schools would like to take this opportunity to communicate with parents and the community about the scoring changes to the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) and Michigan Merit Exam (MME) tests this year.


Each year, Buchanan Public Schools’ students along with all other Michigan public school students in grades 3-9 are required to take the MEAP and eleventh graders are required to take the MME. If you haven’t already, you will soon begin hearing news reports about new cutoff scores, or “cut scores” that the Michigan State Board of Education recently adopted for these tests. If you have questions about the new scoring system, we encourage you to talk with building principals or to call the Superintendent’s office for the most accurate and current information.


So, what are cut scores and why has the Michigan State Board of Education changed them? MEAP and MME cut scores separate test takers into various categories, such as advanced, proficient, partially proficient and not proficient. Michigan’s previous cut scores for these state tests were set at a very basic level. Raising the cut scores will give Michigan parents and students a much better sense of whether they are adequately prepared for the next step in their education and a future career in a global economy.


The new cut scores represent a significantly higher standard for student achievement and are intended to more accurately reflect a student’s progress toward college and career readiness. On some tests, students previously could have answered as few as 40 percent of the questions correctly to be considered proficient. Under the new scoring system, students will have to correctly answer a much higher percentage of questions. Michigan is one of only three states in the nation (along with New York and Tennessee) to move to this top tier level of test scoring.

Like school districts across the state, Buchanan Public Schools’ MEAP and MME proficiency results are expected to decline when publicly released next spring. While we anticipate an initial drop in the number of students reported as “proficient,” we are confident this change will be temporary due to ongoing school improvement efforts and student support.


If a student is reported as “not proficient,” it does not mean that he or she isn't gaining academic skills or knowledge expected for his or her grade level. It means that on the day of the test, this student was not yet proficient on the material being tested. Many students may require additional help and/or time to master these skills. Actually, by the time parents and the school receive the MEAP/MME results from the state, many students identified as “not proficient” will have closed the gap.


The MEAP and MME tests are only two of several measures used in our district throughout the year to insure that students are making academic progress. We maintain high standards for our students and their test scores are consistently among the highest in the state. We anticipate this trend will continue even with the new cut scores.

We will be examining our curriculum to respond to this more challenging level of test scoring.  In addition, our staff will focus our professional development efforts on enhancing our abilities to rise to the challenge presented to these recent changes.


Undoubtedly, parents will have many questions about the scoring changes. We will continue to provide information through a variety of communication channels such as newsletters, email, our website, parent-teacher conferences, and more.


For more information, contact Dr. Andrea van der Laan at 695-8401, your building principal, our website, or visit or

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Superintendent's Message

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Welcome Back!

Can you believe it’s already the 4th quarter of the year? We still have much to accomplish before the end of the year. We are glad you are back with us and ready to go to work.

Just a quick reminder that we will be in session, Friday, June 6. This will be a ½ day of school for all grade levels. It is important that your child attends school on this day as it affects our State Aide (money used to operate our schools, pay our staff, and put resources in your child’s hands). Please mark your calendars!

Second, we have a quick update for our bidders. We will send out a Notice to Bidders sometime the week of April 7. In the meantime, please watch for the following:

  • Ottawa documents will be available to bidders on April 14. Bids will be due May 1st.
  • Buchanan Middle School documents will be available to bidders on April 28. Bids will be due May 20th.

We are confident we will get good bids and look forward to the bid process!

Last, but not least, mark your calendars for May 6. This is an important day for Buchanan Community Schools. We will be asking our voters to renew our current .8 Sinking Fund Millage. These monies are used for building maintenance. Items such as carpet, boiler repairs, parking lot paving, repairs of roofs, etc. are paid for with these funds.  There will be NO INCREASE IN TAXES to our community but this will greatly help us fix those items not covered with the current bond.

Dr. van der Laan


Buchanan Community Schools

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