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Superintendent's Message

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It’s Spring and we are in the home stretch! We still have a lot to do from now until June 9.  First of all, please remember that we had to add two days to the end of the school year so the calendar has changed:

June 3 - full day

June 4 – full day

June 5 – ½ day students

June 8 – ½ day students

June 9 – ½ day students

It’s extremely important for students to be in attendance on these days. Not only are we completing end of year assessments and marking report cards,  school funding is based on whether we have at least 75% of students in session on any given day.

Please plan accordingly, and please make sure your child is in attendance.

Second, you will notice that construction has picked up around the Middle School. Please drive carefully around that building when picking up your children. You may have also noticed that we are continuing now to work on Ottawa. We will soon be putting in grass seed, completing the new side walk, and adding additional signage. If you park on the east side of the street, you will see new signage. Please pay attention.

Third, our spring conferences went well. Thank you to all of you who attended. This was a great time to pass out reminders that starting in September, our pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and 1st grade students will be at Ottawa and our 2nd – 4thgrade will be at Moccasin. In September, our school configurations will be complete and everyone will be in their final “homes”.   This has been a five year process, and we are almost at the end. It’s getting very exciting! Even our young students (your children) are voicing their excitement over the move.

Last, but not least, our state tests being at the end of April.  There is a Power Point on every building website that explain changes to the state test. It’s important that students be in school during the last six weeks as the test is spread over this time period. Students have been or will shortly be taking practice tests on computers so they are familiar with how the new test is given.  Support your child by making sure they get plenty of rest, eat before coming to school, and most of all, by telling them to do their best.

The next few months will go quickly. It takes all of us to make sure our students do well.

Dr. van der Laan

Last Updated on Friday, 27 March 2015 13:27
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