Buchanan Community Schools Bond

On November 8, 2022, the Buchanan Community Schools residents will have an opportunity to vote on a bond proposal. It would provide $34,970,000 for building and site improvements to address identified and ongoing facility projects based on facility assessments and community input and align grade levels based on similar growth and development stages.

Improvement Highlights

Moccasin Elementary

Moccasin Elementary School

Moccasin Elementary School will add 5th Grade to the building. The bond referendum will fund major renovations and additions to the building.

Buchanan High School

Buchanan High School

Buchanan High School will receive interior renovations to improve the learning environment and replace failing equipment. The 8th grade will be relocated to Buchanan Middle School.

Memorial Field

BHS Athletic Field

The stadium will receive new artificial turf and the track will be replaced.

Proposed Moccasin Design

Moccasin Elementary Improvements

Moccasin Proposed Floorplan

Floorplan key:

  1. Renovate classrooms to improve learning environments

  2. Add six classrooms and labs to ease congestion in current spaces

  3. Security enhancements, especially in the front office area

  4. Renovate the library/media center to include more space for student group work, research, and technology use

  5. Add a gym with bleachers

  6. Build a dedicated cafeteria and kitchen next to the gym to separate the spaces and remove the need to set up/ take down tables daily before Physical Education courses resume 

  7. Renovate the art room

  8. Add an elevator to ensure all building areas comply with ADA accessibility regulations 

  9. Replace and add playground equipment

  10. Resurface parking lot

Additional Improvements

  • Door replacement for security

    Window replacement

  • New HVAC system with air conditioning 

  • Roof replacement

  • New classroom casework / cabinets

  • Restroom reconfiguration and upgrades to meet ADA accessibility requirements

  • New flooring

  • New ceiling

  • Painting

  • Replace lighting with LED

Buchanan High School Improvements

Key Improvements

    • Classroom door replacement for security

    • New HVAC system with air conditioning 

    • Classroom technology upgrades

    • Space renovations Including:

      • Media center / project rooms​

      • Classroom reconfiguration to increase sizes of the smallest classrooms

      • District office and high school administration office

      • Career technology education classrooms and lab

      • Science lab renovations

      • Culinary lab renovations

      • Transportation center

    • Restroom reconfiguration and upgrades to meet ADA accessibility requirements

    • Corridor and classroom floor finish replacement

    • Window replacement

    • Replace lighting with LED

Athletic Fields

  • Artificial Turf Stadium Field

  • Track replacement

Additional Bond Information

Tax Calculator

The estimated millage that will be levied for the proposed bonds in 2023, under current law, is 3.50 mills ($3.50 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation). The maximum number of years the bonds of any series may be outstanding, exclusive of any refunding, is twenty-eight (28) years. 

Of the 3.5 mils estimated for the first year, 1.15 mils are falling off from the existing debt.  Thus, for the homes in the original Buchanan Community Schools district, the millage increase from the current levy is 2.35 mils. This means if your home is worth $150,000, your property taxes will increase by $176.25 or an increase of $15.69/month.

The debt levy has been declining from 4.20 mils in 2015 to the 3.50 mills levied in 2022. The projected 2023 levy with the proposed bonds of 5.85 mills is 1.65 mills higher than the 4.20 mills levied in 2015.

Use the Estimated tax Impact calculator to determine an estimated tax amount you will pay. The tax calculator considers Michigan Homestead Tax Credit that may apply to some Taxpayers.